KIT – Convenience

Sometimes it has to be fast, even with Italian cuisine. At that point, in a totally untypical Italian sense, you refer to convenience food. As a response to a market trend in the food product industry – but always understood as reducing preparation time only, and never the quality.

At least that is the philosophy of GlaserItalia. Only the product that can meet this expectation becomes part of our assortment.

Creamy Italian desserts like Tiramisu, Crema Catalana, Creme Caramel, Creme Pasticcera and others.

Italian baking mixes, for example, to make Torta Caprese, Torta Sbrisolona, Torta di Frutta, Torta Cacao, Le Tort and many others.

Then there is cocoa powder, pudding, instant creams and instant beverages as well as – besides the sweet category – soup cubes, pizza prepackaged dough mixes with tomato sauce and oregano and much more.

This is the way your customers are able to savor Italian delicacies with hardly any effort!