Pasta e basta – pasta and nothing else – is the unadorned declaration of love by Italians for their favorite food. That´s not surprising since there is no end to creativity when it comes to its shape and flavor nuances.

From the classic spaghetti to the typical regional creations like Garganelli, Conchiglie ai 5 Colori, Strozzapreti and many others as well. From traditional pasta made from 100 % durum wheat semolina to pasta all´uovo with fresh eggs as well as whole wheat, spelt and other special pastas. Variety is guaranteed even within the various types.

Thanks to natural ingredients like spinach, tomatoes, beets, sepia, basil or turmeric, pasta is true to its colors. Promising delight for the eyes as well as the taste buds. Special forms celebrating Easter, Christmas and Valentine´s Day enjoy increasing popularity.

From the north of Italy to its southernmost tip, dried, fresh, stuffed or frozen – with GlaserItalia, you have arrived at the source of a diversity which is unique and authentic in every way. Produced by our partner companies throughout Italy who uphold the high quality standards which we guarantee. From the raw ingredients right through to the final gentle drying process at low temperatures. The choice is up to you!