Sauces & Pesto

Are you supposed to eat pasta with sauce or sauce with pasta? It doesn´t matter to an Italian – as long as the pasta is evenly covered by the sauce. Reflecting the Italian pasta philosophy that to eat pasta any other way would be terribly wrong

GlaserItalia insures that you have more than you need. Superb sauces with classic taste options like Bolognese, all´arrabiata or simple tomato are just as available as the alternatives with Carbonara or Verdure (vegetable) and many other variations of Italian cuisine.

Pesto is another very welcome complement to pasta which is becoming increasingly popular. Along with the kinds like Genovese (with basil), Rosso (sun-dried tomatoes) and Rucola, our assortment literally picks its way through the garden – with grilled bell peppers or olives or even eggplant and more.