Sweets & Pastries

To be a real Italian, you have to love the sweet morsels with coffee, for breakfast or simply at any time in between. This just might be the explanation for the quite unbelievable variety of baked goods that have been invented in Italian kitchens.

This is exactly the variety reflected in GlaserItalia´s assortment. Almost like a representational cross-section of the best that the Italian baking tradition has to offer. And as a selection of the typical specialties which have developed in many regions over the years.

For instance, Cantuccini, the familiar and much-favored almond biscuit which comes from area around Florence and is traditionally served with Vino Santo (dessert wine) or Espresso. Or the typical Panettone of Milano which is traditionally brought to the festive Easter Day table and at Christmas. In the classic version, this airy yeast bread is studded with candied fruit, but is now also enjoyed naturally or filled with nougat cream or as a chocolate cake.

Torroncini, on the other hand, come from Sicily, and are made with honey, almonds and egg white and taste reminiscent of “Turkish honey” but in another consistency. These small, soft pieces of confectionary are covered with dark or white chocolate in various flavors (orange, lemon, etc.).

There are differences of opinion about the origin of Amarettini, the fine, little, round almond biscuits. They are thought to come either from Piedmont or Sicily. There is no disagreement about how much they are enjoyed, though, served traditionally with Amaretto or with coffee, and in the meantime, used in creating desserts like, for example, Tiramisu.

Dolce Vita, the good life, can´t be said to begin only in Italy any longer, because, thanks to GlaserItalia, it´s already here at our breakfast table – with croissants, plain or pleasantly filled with hazelnut chocolate, jam or vanilla cream.

Grissini are not sweet, but an absolute classic hit, and present at every Italian meal. This popular snack is a fun treat for any time, wonderfully suited with dips or for nibbling, for instance, wrapped in a piece of Parma ham.

But that is certainly not the full extent of what we bring straight from Italy to your shelves!