What would Italy be without its wines? Besides incorporating the vinicultural tradition of hundreds of years, they also distill the unforgettable aroma of the various regions.

Italian wine is generally divided into table wine and quality wine (DOC, DOCG, IGP). Certainly the most well-known wine is the Chianti of the region with the same name. Of no lesser rank are Sangiovese from Emilia-Romagna, Soave from Veneto, Barolo from Piedmont, Vino Noblie di Montepulciano of Tuscany, Marsala from Sicily and many, many others. There is no region which cannot proudly present a wine which has not already received an award. Wines which distill the whole diversity of Italy and are sent directly through us to you.
Packed for delivery as you wish: whether simply as wine in bulk, in different-sized bottles, with cork or screw-top stopper or even as “bag-in-box” or in Tetra Pak form.

Besides the classic wine assortment, we offer you the familiar and popular sparkling wines of Italy like Prosecco, Lambrusco, Asti Spumante and others.